Chemistry at Work 2019

This Academic Year’s event in our areas are going well despite the withdrawal of the RSC Education Department’s designated “Chemistry at Work” funding in 2018 which, with National Organisers previously in post, had seen these great events reach nation proportions. Nevertheless, we have been able to run all the school-based events still thanks to the… Read More »

Chemistry at Work – 2018

Following a tremendous response from our demonstrators, all the Chemistry at Work demonstrations for 2018 are now booked at St Michael’s Catholic School High Wycombe, Aylesbury Grammar School and Challney High School for Girls in Luton while Tring School and John Colet School just need one more demonstration each and there are only four spaces… Read More »

Chemistry at Work on Course Again for 2018

I am pleased to say that, with some RSC funding still available and some new funding from a local trust,  I can now run all 8 days. However, I would like to invite more demonstrators to the Milton Keynes event pending a little more sponsorship – nearly there! Suggestions welcome – please contact me. Derek Jones  

Funding Progress for 2018

I have managed to find funding for all five school-based Chemistry at Work days and have secured most of the funding still needed for the three-day annual event at the Milton Keynes City Discovery Centre in June. If anyone knows any organisations willing to add their sponsorship to this very popular event for 450 Secondary… Read More »

Chemistry at Work 2018 – Funding Crisis

While being complimentary about my work the new RSC Outreach Fund has declined my request for further support as they are stopping the funding dedicated to this project. Nevertheless, I am determined to continue to run the school-based Chemistry at Work events already booked by the schools although I need to raise sufficient funds to cover… Read More »

Chemistry at Work – RSC Outreach Funding

There is now hope for next year. Subject to funding from the new RSC Outreach Fund, the Chemistry at Work events planned will be able to go ahead.  The schools have booked eight days from February to July 2018 and I am seeking further funding to hopefully increase these events after this. Derek Jones

End of RSC Chemistry at Work Dedicated Funding

Chemisty at Work has proved very succesful over  the years but the RSC have now decided to stop the dedicated funding given to it. I hope to maintain the school-based Chemistry at Work events with continued support from the new RSC Outreach fund. The three-day central venue events however, in Milton Keynes, are immediately effected by this as they are more… Read More »

Chemistry at Work – Challney Girls High School

We had eleven demonstrations running concurrently at Challney High School for Girls last Thursday and this perimitted most demonstrators to have a break during which they were able to see their colleagues in action.  The day was a great success, the girls asked intelligent questions and the Head of Science has asked me to book… Read More »

Tring School Chemisty at Work Day

We welcomed a new demonstrator, Corrine Kay, a Research Chemist whose Teacher Training College kindly gave permission for her to attend as the experience of working with the students was very relevant to her course. Once again the day went well, though the before the start there were some quick changes needed due to some… Read More »